Green Pest Control

Pest Control with Organic Pesticides in Massachusetts

It only makes sense that you would want to hire a company that environmentally safe yet effective pesticides to solve your pest control dilemma. Who wants excess chemicals in or around their home? The problem used to be that organic pesticides did not exist (at least effective ones didn't!). I'm very happy to report that times have changed. The days of the "see a pest, spray a pest" attitude are long gone. Like many other industries the pest control industry has started to go green. Green Pest Control is catching on fast all across Massachusetts. Responsible pest control companies are now using organic solutions to control pests instead of dangerous pesticides.

Organic Pest Control

Green pesticides, organic pesticides, non-toxic pesticides, environmentally friendly pesticides etc etc- whatever you choose to call them there are certain organic pest control products that have been tested in the field and proven to be effective on certain types of insects.

MassPest has always operated as a "green pest control" company so to speak. This "green" approach has always worked for us so we have followed these new products closely. Since our company started we have always used minimal amounts of pesticides on every job that we have ever completed. With the new organic pest control solutions that have been made available we are now able to take our approach a step further. Instead of using minimal amounts of toxic pesticides we are now able to use non-toxic organic solutions on many jobs. This means no pesticides in your home or around your yard. It also means that there won't be any chemicals seeping into the soil and polluting groundwater. These organic pesticides are a very sensible approach to pest control problems and they can be just as effective as traditional pesticides in many cases.

Developing Organic/Green Pest Control Practices

MassPest is at the forefront of the organic pest control revolution. We have been field-testing products for several different manufacturers and trying (not always successfully) a number of different products in different situations. We have found certain organic solutions to be just as effective as traditional pesticides. Others can be just as effective but for shorter durations. We have also tested a couple dozens organic products that are totally worthless. It is this research that allows us to provide the most environmentally-friendly pest control services in Massachusetts for our customers.

Organic Pest Control FAQS

Is organic pest control effective in every situation?

Definitely not. Some pest control problems are so severe that organic pest control solutions are simply not strong enough to work. In these situations only controlled pesticides used in a responsible manner will solve the problem. To date we've replaced approximately 30% of our pesticide applications with organic pest control solutions. That number will continue to grow as new formulas are developed.

Are Organic Pest Control Solutions safe to use indoors?

In most cases yes. These solutions are made from natural ingredients and are safe for indoor use.

What types of pests can be treated with Organic pest control solutions?

Most common household pests in our area can be treated with organic solutions. These pests include black ants, spiders, earwigs, fleas, flies, hornets, silverfish, wasps and beetles.

Are Organic Pest Control Solution effective against termites?

No. Subterranean termites are a very difficult pest to deal with. To date there is no effective organic compound that will replace liquid termiticide. For more information on termites visit our Massachusetts Termite Control page.

Can Organic Pest Control practices be used outdoors as perimeter treatments?

Yes. Our organic compounds are very effective against common household pests when used as perimeter treatments.

Are Organic Pest Control practices effective in treating mice and/or rats?

No. At this time there are no Organic solutions that have been proven effective against rodents. However we are strong advocates against rodenticides for use in mice and rat infestations and only use them as a last resort. Visit this page to learn more about our rodent removal services in Massachusetts.

For more information on our organic pest control services you can email us at or call us directly at 781-664-0044